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Das Hip Hop Musikfile mit dem Titel "U can! Yo am!" wurde 2003 von den KundInnen und MitarbeiterInnen der ASSIST (vormals ÖV-BAuWK) produziert! Viel Spaß beim Anhören!

MP3-File "U CAN! YO AM!"

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Friends are there, to help you through, the hardest time, and this is true. They let you know, that you´re the one, to carry each other, and having fun. Its magic to be loved at all, so make it happen in your soul.Be ready for this kind of wonder, and nobody could put you under. Ref.: No mather if you think its bad, no mather if it seems to late. Dont give up, if time´s get blue, don’t hang around and you get through. Ref.: No mather if you think its bad, no mather if it seems to late. Get higher, and higher, you can, yo am. I´m in the club of the free thinking minds, I may not have a job but i have a good time.Life is only how you feel and you know that you´re dreams are for real, free up your mind, will help you to find – the best things. Ref. (2x) Overdub: Try 2 go on – all life long; © Wien 2003 / Lyrics: Sabine Tretzmüller, Robert Gorth, MBA, Music: Robert Gorth, MBA, Production: ASSIST gemeinn. GmbH (ehem. ÖV-BauWK)

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